Michael L. Brown, Ph.D.

Author, Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus, Volumes 1-5

“For the last forty years, traditional rabbis and counter-missionaries have told me that they cannot even consider our claim that Yeshua is the Messiah because we believe Him to be divine. Now, Messianic Jewish rabbi Tzahi Shapira has challenged that objection relying entirely on the Hebrew Scriptures and traditional Jewish literature, and he has done so with much careful study and great spiritual passion. Is it possible that a Jew can embrace Yeshua as the divine Messiah and follow the traditional Jewish sources as well? Read this book and find out for yourself!”


Paige Patterson

President, SWBTS

“The Return of the Kosher Pig penned by Rabbi Itzhak Shapira constitutes one of the most interesting and learned tomes I have ever read. Contained within its pages is much with which I agree, some with which I disagree, and much about which I never thought. But what makes the volume unique is that Jew and Gentile alike will read it with great profit, followed by valuable and life-changing discussions. For certain, Rabbi Shapira’s remarkable book cannot be ignored.”


Rabbi Marty Waldman

Baruch HaShem, Dallas, TX

“The Return of the Kosher Pig is a groundbreaking study of Yeshua’s true identity as the Jewish Messiah. This book is a ‘must read’ for any serious student of the Scriptures who realizes that the Bible can not be separated from historic Jewish thought and literature. Rabbi Tzahi Shapira has created a masterful book based on years of study and interaction with our Jewish sages.”


Rabbi Joshua Brumbach

Ahavat Zion Synagogue, Beverly Hills, CA

“This is a tremendous contribution to our understanding of Messiah from a traditional Jewish perspective. I greatly appreciate both Rabbi Shapira’s knowledge of, and appreciation for, the classic Jewish sources he interacts with and the insights he shares as a native Hebrew-speaker. This book provides an excellent introduction to the concept and roles of Messiah in traditional Rabbinic texts. He also does a great job interpreting them from a Messianic Jewish perspective and demonstrating how Yeshua fulfilled and fits into these common expectations. This book is an excellent resource for those who are just beginning their spiritual journeys or who are already well informed on the subject. This work far surpasses much of what currently exists in regard to Messianic Jewish apologetics. I highly recommend this book!”



Rabbi Jeffrey A. Adler

Sha’arey Yeshua Messianic Jewish Congregation

“Rabbi Shapira’s book is groundbreaking because he demonstrates as a Jewish insider that Yeshua as Jewish Messiah is a reasonable consideration for the serious Jewish person who wants to be assured of truth and staying within the Jewish pale.”


Dr. Rudy González

Dean, Wm. R. Marshall Center for Theological Studies

“While PARDES is a Jewish hermeneutical method that most New Testament students have heard about, few have ever really seen it in action. Thankfully, Rabbi Shapira has done both the Jewish and Christian communities a great service in applying the principles of PARDES to show that the concept of a suffering Messiah is well within the framework of historic Jewish thought. I am convinced that the arguments raised and defended here cannot be easily dismissed, for they flow from the very thought processes of the greatest rabbinical thinkers that have influenced and comforted Diaspora Judaism to modern times. I heartily recommend this book to anyone who desires honestly to inquire whether Yeshua is truly Ha Mashiach of Israel.” “May the Lord prosper and give permanence to this great piece of work you have done.”


Rabbi Michael Wolf

Beth Messiah, Loveland, OH

“There has never been a book quite like The Return of the Kosher Pig. Tzahi Shapira’s encyclopedic knowledge of rabbinic sources, as well as his keen eye for Biblical truth, has produced a game-changing volume that promises to be an apologetics classic. I recommend it to anyone who desires solid evidence concerning the nature of Messiah.”


Rik B. Wadge, Ph.D., Th.D.

God’s Learning Channel

“Great book and an incredible tool for clergy and laity alike! The Return of the Kosher Pig is a must-read for anyone serious about Judeo-Christian research. Rabbi Shapira tackles the most difficult of texts with seeming ease, as he takes the reader through the many complexities of rabbinic perspectives on Messiah.”


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